CouchTuner Review 2019

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CouchTuner is an online service providing content streaming. It has gone through several subdomains like .ag, .fr and, .com throughout its shelf life online. The primary focus of the website is the streaming of almost every TV show. As the website content is free, many users make use of CouchTuner as their primary mean of watching TV shows.

What is CouchTuner?

It is a pirated TV show streaming website. That is why we don’t recommend the CouchTuner website. But we will tell you the facts about the CouchTuner streaming website. CouctTuner only contains television shows. Their viewers mainly founded in the United States, so their selection of TV shows is directed towards those audiences.

You do not need to generate an account to get access to their content. CouchTuner users complain many times about the poorly organized content of CouchTuner. They also complain about the unavailability of the autoplay function, which makes binge-watching from CouchTuner less tempting.

Couch Tuner Review

In the beginning, in 2010, the website initially starts as and then extended to incorporate dozens of domain extensions particular to each country. It has become a public venue for watching TV shows with a massive collection of famous TV shows that are all hosted right on the website.

No Organized List

In CouchTurner, the content is not well organized and arranged by episode or season, which makes the navigation process much tricky. The material is there usually, but it takes considerable effort to find it. This lack of arrangement means that you still need to look for the right episode and season by hand, even if you locate a show by name. Even worse is that, every time you see a new event, you have to do it because there is no autoplay function in CouchTuner.

Is Couch Tuner Safe?

The straightforward answer is that the CouchTuner is not safe. There is a great risk of downloading malware from your mobile device or computer. There are many ways to advance your safety and protection if you have to visit the website. You should make sure that your antivirus software on the device is enabled and is up to date. The firewall software on your device that operates to protect your mobile device or personal computer from automatic downloads should work correctly.

Is it Legal?

Copyright protected content can be broadcast illegally in most jurisdictions unless clearly approved by the owners of the copyright. The CouchTurner is an illegal pirate website; that is why they are blocked continuously. When they are blocked, their actions route to their subdomains.

Best Alternatives to CouchTuner

There are some other options to CouchTuner that offer some free options and monthly fees and others that leave your wallet the same size. Here are the top three alternatives to the CouchTuner.


Netflix is a well-known and popular video streaming platform throughout the world. With a single subscription, you can get access to documentaries, cartoons, TV shows, movies, and the most popular Netflix originals. Even though Netflix is not a free platform, yet they provide a variety of plans for your budget. The available three plans are basic, standard, and premium. You will have access to unlimited content irrespective of the plan you select.


Hulu is another outstanding alternative to the CouchTuner. Hulu has all the movies and TV shows you are looking for, because of its wide selection of content in their subcategories. Hulu has another fantastic feature that is its Live TV subscription that provides you access to live programs such as sports, news, and TV shows on various networks.


It is another contrasting substitute for CouchTuner. Fmovies don’t host content on the site. Instead, they offer you a portal to view the content. Their website content contains a fantastic catalog of TV series, making it a potential alternative to the CouchTuner. It also features a useful search engine on the homepage, which makes finding what you want to see that much easier.


Similar to many other sites that provide illegal content, CouchTuner serves many countries with no piracy laws. It enhances the issue for owners of pirated content accuse the owners of the site. When the website is forced to close, another location is then established to replace that one. There are various websites of CouchTuner hosted in different countries with lenient or non-existent anti-piracy laws. Currently, Couchtuner works mainly from domains of the and