How Has Business Communication Changed with the Introduction of VDR Software?

2021 and telecommuting have revolutionized workflow and communication. Do you want to know how? Take a look at the article below.

Business Etiquette and Its Measurements in the Information Society

In the world of business people, it is not enough to be just an expert in your field; it is important to know the rules of conduct and be able to build relationships in the business environment. Today, from the variety of rituals of business etiquette, we will turn our attention to business correspondence. Expressing your thoughts in a business letter in a coherent, competent, and structured manner is an art. 

It is shown that in the modern information society, etiquette exists in two main dimensions – real and virtual. In the real dimension, etiquette is represented by all existing types of etiquette communication, in the virtual one – netiquette and digital etiquette. Because of the virtual data room providers in business communication, a relatively compact segment of export-oriented IT companies that are competitive in foreign markets has grown, but they cover only certain niches and are often embedded in global value chains controlled by foreign corporations.

Risks and cybersecurity in the business communication with virtual data room software is the implementation of effective procedures for responding to cyber violations and the development of methods for assessing cyber risks, taking into account the cybersecurity strategy not only in strategic documents of the company, but also at the operational level, it is necessary to revise the approaches and the entire architecture of cybersecurity so that systems are aimed at continuous improvement, and not only have basic functionality.

In general, the analysis made it possible to define modern etiquette as a single systemic whole of a normative and ethical nature that regulates the relationship of people in a modern global society in real and digital dimensions, as well as in the interaction of these dimensions. Therefore, it requires the attention of specialists practicing both in the field of humanitarian knowledge and in the field of modern information and communication technologies.

The Changes of Business Communication with Virtual Data Room Software

Virtual data room software forced the whole world to learn how to solve all important issues from home. Including workers. We have compiled for you simple but important rules for conducting communication remotely with data room immobilier (“real estate” in English):

  1. Customer Engagement with virtual data room providers is a key industry organization analyzed and is less focused on digital transformation in terms of marketing and sales forecasting.
  2. Virtual data room business communication players pay less attention to the digital transformation of marketing issues and personalized consumer experience and forecasting sales volumes (which may also be related to the structure of the analyzed key organizations of the fuel and energy complex).
  3. Finance, Legal Support, Taxation, and HR – the main areas for increasing the level of readiness for digital transformation and business communication – “uberization” of legal support processes (procurement and preparation of standard contracts, legal risk assessment, the interaction between branches and subsidiaries, interaction with regulatory authorities, etc.) and the implementation of digital solutions in the business processes of finance.

In order to stimulate the demand of citizens and organizations for business communication with virtual data room providers, it is important not to limit ourselves to measures of direct financial support, public procurement of digital technologies, and “manual” management typical of the project management model.