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The major aim of a lot of VPN users all over the world is majorly to tunnel into the USA via the provision of a US IP address. This is simply because the United States is the source of the globe’s most prominent entertainment.

Meanwhile, citizens of the USA need VPNs. It does not matter if it is being used in unblocking contents or enhancing privacy. However, the desires of VPN users may differ from place to place.

First, What Is A VPN?

The VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. Interestingly, the VPN manages to encrypt every bit of a device’s web traffic and routes it via a third party server in whichever location the user selects.

So many VPNs are available in the USA. However, some of the best will be addressed in this article.

Some Of The Best VPNs

The Americans making use of VPN services desire ultimate protection and reduced access to foreign contents.

Some of the best VPNs available follow some criteria such as;

  • Powerful codes which are 128-bit AES or more powerful
  • The shared IP addresses are utilized to protect users anonymity
  • The provider is actually not based in the USA
  • Traffic logs are not stored on the servers of the providers
  • There are bonus points for the anonymous payment means like bitcoin

The best VPNs include;

  • Express VPN

It makes use of AES 256-bit code with the prominent open VPN protocol. There are no traffic logs stored showing contents of users? activity. However, metadata is documented.

Express VPN is situated in the British Virgin Islands, and it is way beyond the jurisdiction of the government of USA.

Every one of the servers makes use of shared IP addresses. Basically, a user shares the same IP address with about hundreds of other users worldwide.

Advantages Of Express VPN

The advantages include;

  • It is ideal at unblocking the most prominent streaming sites from practically anywhere
  • It has roughly one thousand swift servers that function across ninety countries
  • It provides powerful information safety plus security
  • Its encryption makes for sturdy security as well as privacy

Disadvantages Of Express VPN

Its disadvantages include;

  • It is expensive, and so more affordable options are available to users

Nevertheless, Payment is accepted in Bitcoin plus PayPal and credit card. Its applications are available for Mac OS, iOS Linux, Android, windows and some specific routers.

  • Nord VPN

This is a VPN provider based in Panama. It has a notable reputation for protection. This includes double hop servers that actually route users? traffic via two VPNs as well as a Tor over VPN alternative.

The Tor VPN alternative transfers traffic using the Tor network when exiting the server. Majority of the IPs are divided while some of the dedicated IP servers are available whenever it is needed.

It makes use of the 256-bit encryption standard. Basically, Nord VPN approves of Bitcoin as a means of payment, and it is rated as one of the ideal values any VPN providers has to offer.

Advantages Of The Nord VPN

Some of its advantages include;

  • It offers a protected, coded connection that has powerful safety and privacy features
  • It simply unblocks a vast range of geo-locked sites
  • It provides around the clock live chat

Disadvantages Of The Nord VPN

Its disadvantages include;

  • Some of its servers can be volatile when it comes down to speed and connectivity

With American citizens straight up in the sight line of diverse intelligence agencies such as NSA and FBI, the citizens fall directly under the jurisdiction of their authority, and users in foreign countries actually have a legal border between themselves.